About Us

Who would have thought we'd end up here? It all started shortly after Jason was discharged from the Navy, back during the summer of 1997, after four years of service. With both of us in our early twenties and still going to college, we didn't have spare funds for a place of our own. My mom, however, did have a large unfinished basement that she said we could use. Just a bare open space, we felt we could do something with it to make it more homey. Without a true plan, we headed to the hardware store, bought some 2X4s and went to work. Funny thing is, though, that it didn't turn out to be work. We both loved the process: putting together ideas and watching them come to life. This passion for remodeling continued onto our past two houses and our current third.

The first, a small ranch in Sugar Grove, sadly had lovely knotty pine paneling which was covered in layers of paint. With no way to salvage it, we ripped it all out and dry walled the entire space. We also re-did the tub surround, replaced an incorrectly hung screen door, repaired cracked tiles and grout and painted.

With our second house, a nice bi-level in Yorkville, we moved in thinking that the house was to our liking and that no changes would be needed. It didn't take long, about 3 months, in fact, until we decided a bathroom was too dark, so we re-did it. All of it. The tub, the tile surround, vanity, floor tile and paint. Having that itch again, we couldn't stop there. We moved onto the kitchen. Again, all of it. We built out soffits to extend the available cabinet space, rearranged the layout to make it more user friendly, replaced the cabinets and flooring, and put in can lights in place of the old fixtures. The rest of the house, four bedrooms, two living rooms and another bathroom received the same treatment. What can I say? We truly love this stuff.

Older (and wiser) now, with years of experience under our belts, our current house is progressing quickly. We've replaced all of the doors and trim on the second floor and are currently working on our daughters' bathroom. We have so many plans in the works and I'm so excited to be back in the "remodeling game".

While all of the above was going on, Jason and I finished our degrees, I had our two beautiful daughters and Jason finished his Journeyman Electrician Apprenticeship. Things were great, until the mortgage crisis of 2008. With electrical jobs in short supply, we were forced to look at different ways of bringing in an income. That's when Jason's dad, extremely handy himself (it must be genetic), said that he could use some help with his handyman business since his partner had moved. Like I said, we love this stuff! How could we resist? And that's what has brought us to this point. Together and independently, we've been working on projects ever since. We've also made many great connections. If there's a job that we can't handle or don't know enough about, we're sure to know someone who does and will connect you with the right people to get it done.

Natalie Jump