Our Mission

Having remodeled two houses of our own (actually, we're currently on #3 - we just CAN'T. STOP.!), we know the process can be stressful. But, if we've learned anything from all the projects we've worked on, we've learned that communication is key. That's why we make sure to talk with our clients throughout the entire process. Initial ideas may seem to be what is wanted, but once the work gets going, things may need to change. We work on every house as if it were our own. If, for any reason, we're not comfortable with work that we're doing, we'll be sure to check with you to make sure it IS what you want and that's it's completing your vision.

We're committed to quality service and want to know that you're satisfied with the work we do. And WE want to be satisfied with the work that we do, so we don't stop until everyone is happy.

Give us a call for a free estimate. We'll take the time to walk through all your ideas. And if you want them, we'll share ours with you.

Natalie Jump

Customer Statements

"All jobs were done neatly and completely and in a timely manner. Our finished project is beautiful and we know you will be very happy with their work. You will find you are dealing with warm, friendly people who will not take advantage of you and are honest and reliable." - Joellyn C., Naperville, IL

"I can not stress enough how wonderful of a job they did, but also how professional and friendly everyone has been. They followed up after each job to ensure that we were completely satisfied. My husband and I will definitely continue to refer business to Jump Home Repair and look forward to working with them again!" - Jeah C., Aurora, IL

"We had our basement completely refinished by JH&R and the work was meticulously performed & the quality of workmanship was excellent.They were very attentive to our needs, spent extra time making sure everything was right and doing everything needed to make sure we were 100% satisfied with the job." - Shannon P., Bartlet, IL